With over 20 years teaching experience and having been taught by some of the leading drum educators in the world I am proud to be able to offer drum lessons to all ages and abilities in Aberdeen in a purpose built music school. As well as teaching around schools in Aberdeen I offer my wealth of teaching knowledge and playing experience to students here at McBain Music School. Having performed, toured, and recorded throughout the country I have helped students of all ages and abilities progress on the drums. Whether you want to go through graded exams, get help with school exams, or just learn for fun then I help you achieve your goals.

McBain Music School provides professional drum lessons in an enviroment that gives each student the chance to progress and achieve their musical goals in the most effective way.

There is so much material out there it can be confusing for students to know what to study and how to utilise learning resources in a way that will progress their playing skills.

Whilst studying at Drum Tech in London I was taught by some of the most highly respected drum educators in the world. This has helped me develop drumming techniques which I can now bring to students in the North East of Scotland.

As an experienced drum teacher I have helped many students pass exams at the highest level providing them with a vast range of tools to assist them in achieving the highest grades and tuition possible.

  • Vast library of songs to learn and play along to.

  • State of the art acoustic/electronic drum kits and cymbals set up side by side for a more effective teaching experience.

  • Help with the school cirriculum from National 2,3,4, Higher, and Advanced Higher.

  • Graded syllabus including Rockschool, Trinity,  and London College.

  • Huge teaching resources.

  • Advanced techniques including Moellar/Linear/Odd time signitures/One handed rolls.

  • Different styles including Latin/Jazz/Blues/Rock/Pop/Thrash/Jungle.



Looking to play an instrument? Always wanted to try? Wish you could play your favourite songs? Why not BOOK a LESSON and release your potential with one of our fully qualified teachers. If you are interested please fill in the above contact form or alternatively contact the school on 07725948288 or email mcbainmusicschool@gmail.com


Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.


McBain Music School.



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