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Taking the guesswork out of drum education

With over 20 years of drum teaching and playing experience as well as having been taught by some of the leading drum educators in the world, I offer drum lessons to all ages and abilities in a brand new purpose-built drum school located at Aberdeen beach. 

Having previously taught drums across Aberdeen City schools, I now exclusively offer my wealth of drum teaching knowledge and playing experience to students here at McBain Music School. I can help you achieve your drumming goals and offer guidance in: 

Rockschool drum exams at all grades.

School curriculum from National 2,3,4,5, Higher, and Advanced Higher.

Graded syllabus including Rockschool, Trinity, and London College.

Performance and Teaching Diplomas.

Drum kit and cymbal purchases for just starting out to advanced guidance on brands, woods, and sizes.


Having recently gained a Graduate Diploma in Jazz from St Andrews university I also help experienced drummers who are stuck in a rut with their drum playing and are looking for guidance on specific drum techniques. Whatever your needs, I can help you achieve your goals. Here are some of the areas McBainMusic School can help you with:

Advanced techniques including Moeller/Linear grooves and fills/Odd time signatures/Finger control/bass drum techniques/Rudiment application to the drum kit.

Different styles including Latin/Jazz/Blues/Rock/Pop/Hip Hop/Jungle.

A vast library of songs to learn and play along with.

State of the art acoustic and electronic drum kits and cymbals set up side by side for a

more effective teaching experience.

A huge array of drum teaching resources including books, charts, and videos.

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