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Guitar player to Guitar Hero

McBain Music School provides guitar lessons in all styles whether it be on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or classical guitar. Guitar lessons are provided for all ages and abilities with a spare junior acoustic guitar and electric guitar available for students to try out some lessons to see how they get on.


Our resident guitar teachers are able to provide lessons geared towards the guitar graded syllabuses including Rockschool, Trinity, London college and more. They also have all the resources to help students pass their school exams from National to Advanced Higher. For those students who's main aim is to learn their favourite songs then our tutors will show you the necessary guitar techniques to be able to tackle them so you can play with confidence and ease.

We also provide songwriting lessons for students looking to write and compose their own songs. We can show you how to write and create songs based around guitar chord progressions, song structure, shaping melodies, key changes, lyric content, rhythmic ideas, and more. Maybe you have written some songs but are struggling to get them finished. We can help more established songwriters hone their skills to get those songs finished. Our guitar teachers have had music featured on numerous radio stations around the world including BBC Radio Scotland. 

There is a vast range of guitar resources here at McBain Music School to help you achieve your goals on the guitar ranging from:

  • Guitar chord shapes with exercises on chord changes

  • Guitar picking techniques

  • Guitar soloing ideas

  • Advanced guitar techniques including Hammer-ons, Pull-Offs, and Finger Tapping.

  • Guitar notation and guitar tab reading.

  • Guitar Scales and Arpeggios.

  • Hundreds of guitar songs transcribed along with backing tracks to play along with.

  • Guitar graded sylabus including, Rockschool, Trinity, London College, and Guildhall.

No Guitar? Don't worry as you can come along for a FREE TRIAL GUITAR LESSON using one of our guitars here at the school. BOOK NOW! 


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